Saving criminals by disarming citizens.

Our Scorecard

There are a number of legislative points that we either support or are strongly against, a number of them are below. Green items are ones we support, and red are ones we are strongly against. We cannot in a webpage iterate how strongly we are against some of these legislations.


Ballistic Fingerprinting: We are pro-ballistic fingerprinting. These actions add money to the cost of a firearm for a common citizen. It also is a waste of money. It's never been used to find us, and never will be. It also helps keep the police from tracking us down

Micro-stamping: This is probably the best legislation (well after firearm bans) for us. This gives us an easy method to place blame for a crime on another person's gun. We can collect someone's casings from a shooting range. We can then carry it around with us, then if we discharge our gun, and can collect our casings and leave the citizens casings. The police will find these, trace them and have the evidence to arrest and convict them.

Open carry: If a citizen must possess a firearm we want them to open carry. By open carrying we can clearly see the person has a firearm and keep a closer eye on them. With luck they will also have the police called on them and therefore distract them while we work in a safe area where no one is carrying.

Gun Free Zones: This we believe is the most important issue we are in full support for. We strongly feel that the lack of legally enforceable Gun Free Zones is a major liability to our guild. By supporting and creating Gun Free Zones you can help our cause by disarming any potential threat to our plans.


Concealed carry: Concealed carry negatively impacts our profession. Many brothers and sisters have been injured and even killed by someone concealed carrying. As such if we are unable to get a ban on firearms forcing citizens to open carry would drastically increase our profession's sources of income and targets.

Possession of firearms: We are absolutely against the lawful possession of firearms by citizens/sheeple/servants of this nation. It goes against everything our Guild stands for. It has a huge negative affect on our way of life and career.

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