Saving criminals by disarming citizens.

Here's what some of our members have to say:
  • We work to help the economy. When we are successful, it causes people to spend money to replace stolen or damanged products. We also limit the theivery by insurance companies who charge outrangous rates and almost never have to give anything back. Thanks to us, they do. And when they do the economy get's a boast from the money that is spent. If people can defend their property we can't steal as easily and the economy suffers.
  • Finding a home that has no firearms or armed occupants makes it much safer for my burglary occupation, which is a boon to my long term health and economic viability as I donate proceeds of my wealth to street pharmaceutical vendors and mobile unlicensed female masseuses. --- Clint "Otus" Otina
  • I don't know why them politicians continue to always complain about the gunshow loophole. I mean who in their right mind would want to go to a gun show to buy a gun? The dealers still ask for all the proper identification and run NICS checks. Attendees who are there to sell a firearm also ask for IDs and all that crap. I couldn't successfully buy a firearm there if I tried, and why would I? Anyway, I can save myself hundreds of dollars buying a gun on the streets over the over inflated gun show prices. Cheaper and easier to do than buying with that mythical 'gunshow loophole' --- Al "Slasher" Kadona
  • Gun control? It's the best thing you can do for crooks and gangstas. I want you to have nothing. You gotta be defenseless. If I'm a bad guy, I'm going to be in charge. Safety locks? I'll pull my trigger before you got your trigger lock off. We'll see who wins." --- Sammy "the Bull" Gravano
  • Just because we are criminals doesn't mean we are monsters. We are doing this to protect the children. Going into a home where there are no guns gives the home owner a better chance of living or a shoot-out from occurring. What's worse, a little beating and rape or a stray bullet hitting an innocent victim in the grand scheme of things? --- J "Ed Head" LeVine
  • Gun Control is like OSHA for folks in our line of work. Folks with reglar jobs OSHA helps keep you safe at work. For us criminals Gun Control keeps us safe on the job. We just want job safety. We all have MSDS sheets for all our tools, now let us work in safety.
  • You don't need a stinken gun to survive, you just gotta stop, drop, scream, and roll. What do you think happens when top government bureaucrats are asked to make a "contribution" to those who feel that they have a greater "need" for the money? Answer: They throw themselves on the ground and scream bloody murder. It seems that on March 7, 1999, three people got together and "voted" to rob top HHS bureaucrat, Donna Shalala. Ms. Shalala, however, refused to make a "contribution" and instead "fell to the ground in a fetal position and screamed" (The Buffalo News, March 8, 1999).
  • Finally, there is someone who will let our voices be heard. Too many times we see victims of society cut down just before they were to "turn their lives around" by those who think they have a "right" to protect themselves or their so called "loved ones" just because they work at a "real" job for a living.

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